Round Post broken?

As I was cleaning my Pro and removed the laser head, I noticed on the left round post, the black rings (not sure the correct term) have splits in them and is able to come off. The printer head does snap back in place and it does move left to right but just wanted to see if this should be any concern or if it needs to be replaced. The rings on the right seem to be tight, in one piece, secure in tact. I snapped a few photos for your review. Any quick help would be appreciated. Prior to this finding, all of my cuts/prints have worked fine but now that I’ve seen this I don’t want to use it again until I’m certain my laser head wont fall off during a cut.

Yup! Support will replace those for you.

You’re best to not use the machine to avoid further damage.


Thanks for your quick reply…Do you know if I will I have to send the machine in or will they just mail me the pieces to attach myself??

They will mail it to you. Just undo the bolt and pop in the new one.


Ok great! Easy fix! Thank you so much for your help!


That’s a very easy fix. Glowforge will send them to you or…if you have a 3D printer there is a file on here you can use to print your own.

No 3D printer here so I’ll have to wait :smirk: Thank you

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