Rounded edges

Out of curiosity! I am making a luggage tag for my dads disc gold bag as a mini disc. is it possible to round the edges when it cuts? I may just being silly and missing something simple!

Sure you can, any radius you want. It would help if you posted what drawing package you are using. That way people who know that package can jump in. I do Inkscape myself but we have AI and other drawing package experts as well. No, wait, that implies I’m an expert. I’m not, I just try to help.


If you are using the luggage tag design from the Glowforge catalog, no you can’t modify it. It is easy enough, however, to design such a tag with rounded edges in a design program such as Inkscape.

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I’m using inkscape!! I’m super new to it. I usually draw out everything. I have the outline but I don’t know how to round it out.

There’s the easy imprecise way and the harder but precise way.

I’ll recommend the latter.


Are you referring to rounded corners instead of a perfect rectangle, or rounded as in no flat sides? Because the answer is very different depending on which you’re asking!


The first is done with your vector line and adding/moving nodes so it curves (bezier curve). In Inkscape, the 2nd item on the menu on the left with show you nodes on a line you click on (the first selects the whole item)

The second can be achieved by using a bitmap greyscale gradient and engraving the edge using the 3D engrave tool

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If you send me the information, I am more than happy to make an SVG for you. It is extremely easy to do in Illustrator. It just may be Wed/Thursday before I can get it back to you at the latest as I have to fly out tomorrow.

(and sorry, I think I initially replied to the wrong person)

If you want the flat face to cut face 90 degree to be something else and all else fails, sandpaper won’t take too long.

You could de-focus one cut (set focus to 050") and then make a second cut that would actually cut through or perhaps make the second cut the de-focused one but working with Acrylic, I think you will find a few swipes with a coarse metal file would do the best fastest job , and then finished with metal sand papers from 600-2000 and then buffed with acrylic polishing compound before removing the masking would leave a very nice look,

You can do engraves that would give a rounded surface by working in Gimp but for something simple I think hand tools are faster.

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