Router Base Plate cut files

I have this piece of extruded acrylic laying around for years. I finally want to use it to make a router base plate for a dewalt compact router with the option of using the center of a cut file while cutting new shapes to suit my needs. Does anybody know where I can get laser cut files for a router base? I’m excited to finally use this acrylic for something. Well plus once I get a file unless I have to make one myself I can make base plates or jigs out of anything.

If google doesn’t respond to “router base plate svg” then I’d try to find a technical diagram of your specific router and make your own svg. If you can’t find that, I’d look for a photo of a base plate for your specific router and then draw svg lines right on the photo.

What’s the model number?


I agree that a web search is your friend here. It certainly turns up lots of possibilities, though most of them are 3D models, so you’d need to know how to turn that into something you can use with the Glowforge (e.g. search for “stl to svg”).

However, I think this is also a really good project for practicing basic 2D drawing or CAD software. You almost couldn’t ask for better – it’s a simple, but not trivial shape, with a few holes, curved slots, and countersinks. I know I learn something new every time I open Fusion 360, and then those skills get reused in later projects.


I get inspired when I take it as a challenge to design a solution. I don’t worry that by the time I’m done it has taken hours because an education comes with it, and the sense of accomplishment. :triumph:


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