Royal Game of Ur

I was inspired on the YouTube video on this post to make my own Game of Ur board. I designed everything on this board following the original closely.

Finished board

Drawer detail

All pieces disassembled


As a side note, when I cut this the main board came out of the glowforge warped. In this case it doesn’t matter because it is glued to the frame but are there any tips to prevent or minimize the warping?


Beautiful job!


Yeah, that looks great! :grinning:


That looks fantastic.


Keep your material stored flat. Even so, when I select a board, I will sight down the edge to determine which way the camber (warp) is, and place it so the bulge is down, and pin the edges to flatten it. :sunglasses:


Nice job!

I don’t think you can stop wood from warping when you cut it, especially with long/narrow parts, since you’re changing all the forces on it.


Really beautiful project!


I’ll definitely be more careful storing the sheets from now on and will pay more attention when loading them on the crumb tray. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Wow, it came out so nice! Love the way you did the drawer.


Looks fantastic. I like the drawer.

Very lovely piece. Looks great and the drawer is a nice touch.

Very nice work. I worked on mine over the course of a couple of months last year. Here is my mother of pearl inlay version. It’s interesting how close our internal builds are.


Oh this is cool! I wanted to do finger joints for mine too but got too impatient and went for straight cuts. I might do a V2 another time.

I also tried 3D printing the dice but failed every time! Did you use publicly available models? Would you mind sharing them?

I modeled the dice, the drawer tray and the game pieces (not shown) myself and printed them on a Pursa I3 MK2 multi material printer. I failed a number of times as well (I mentioned that the project took months :slight_smile: ). I’d be happy to share my model for those. I’ll send them to you (and anyone else interested) in a PM when I’m home from work.

I got interested in the game from the same Youtube video. Glad to see others are as interested in it as I am.

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Welcome. Beautiful project. That inlay is gorgeous.