The Royal Game of Ur

So… who wants to play a game over 4000 years old? Think predecessor of Backgammon.


I have all the stuff to make my own board. Just need my glowforge to arrive!


Came out here searching to see if someone else was making one of these. I’m almost done with gluing everything together. I’ll post a picture when its complete!


I tried to get @evansd2 to make one of these with his mad joinery skilz, but he can be SO uncooperative. I can’t wait to see yours!

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So I’m still learning this, so my joinery is non existent unless its a box shape. So weirder complex shape like this, I went with stacked layers. I’m planning on sanding down the stacked layers to make them more even, and a lot nicer to look at.

I’m going to be adding an end cap to the side, and attach it to the drawer. Since right now it slides in well, but is hard to get back out.