Rulers and guides with snapping

One feature I would LOVE to see added to the UI is the ability, like in Photoshop, to drag a guide from the ruler and snap objects to it. I notice when I place an object on the engrave area I can see its dimensions on the ruler, but I’d love to be able to align things with greater precision.


I with you on this, in the meantime, you can control things perfectly by using a 20X12 workspace during design time, and that will make your work click into place.
The above works great for full projects but not so well for cutting one thing out of a scrap. That is where I agree.

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I mentioned that a little more than a year ago, but since the alignment can be up to 1/4" off I’m not sure how useful it would be at this point.
I do appreciate the design elements built into the UI like resizing, rotation, copy/paste etc.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.