Rumors about the Full Spectrum Muse Laser


An interesting tidbit from the Reddit thread:

“We are planning on including a camera feature with the new Muse. The
camera on our system works a little differently (from the Glowforge). We have one camera
which makes it a little more foolproof with calibration. The camera is
able to take multiple pictures of the bed and stitches the image
together to create a precise and accurate representation of the cutting
bed without any distortion or fisheye.”


I would assume launching in November to mean full details/specs in that month. Actually delivering that month would be possible only if they had full specs set in stone now, and if they have full specs… it is a little strange not to post the information.

For the camera… I am not sure how I feel about single camera. That would mean it needs to scan the whole bed before any job, or do like older flatbed scanners and have you define a portion of the bed to scan at least. It really sounds like they only have the on-head camera.

Hard to say for certain with the image provided, but it does look like they have the tube mounted on the rails, yet the cutting head looks little larger than a typical cutting head. So if it does have the camera on the head, then it likely doesn’t have the nifty window setup to make optics remain enclosed.


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Happy Cakeday! I’m jealous that was introduced after mine came an went.


Update on the Muse from Full Spectrum. We’re delighted we could inspire them so. :wink:


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


I’m looking at that picture, and it’s not clear where the controller, power supply, fans etc might go. The interior cavity appears to take up very nearly the entire box. Or am I just looking at it wrong?


There isn’t much detail out yet but I’d bet you will still have an exterior coolant pump and maybe air assist.


I’m not sure about this model, but from looking at others on their website it did seem like such things were all extra-cost options.


Yawwwwn. Choice has been made. (Second guessing myself interferes with restful sleep.) :sleeping:


Design looks oddly familiar lol


Are these the same laser owners trash-talkin’ the GF on Facebook and Reddit laser forums for the last year?


:joy: or :angry:… fluctuating between the two. First is my response as a potential customer second is as a business owner.


apparently their software is machine based (not on the PC).
"…The software will be integrated in the machine, no more software on the PC. It sounds like what KNK did with their Force dual head vinyl cutter. You go to the IP address of the machine for all settings and printing. …"


I just got the Muse newsletter. Available Nov 15 and has an optional rotary.

Makers and hobbyists alike have been waiting for the next generation of laser cutters to hit the market and today we are proud to announce that Muse is almost here!

Built with the Maker Community in mind, Muse has all the features one would expect from Full Spectrum Laser’s team of inspired engineers:

· Custom RetinaEngrave Software can translate design files from any design program.

· LCD Touch Screen puts the power of Muse at your fingertips.

· Built-in camera features achieve sharper alignment and translate hand drawings.

· Optional Riser/Rotary can engrave on curved objects like wine bottles and drink cups.

· Access to FREE design files for all Muse users.

Muse will be available on November 15, 2016. Be sure to check out for the latest announcements.


An email I just got from them said it has:

Built-in camera features achieve sharper alignment and translate hand drawings.

Nothing about the price yet.


Or any detail specs. But if those and the price are competitive with GF and it’s really available in Nov it might cause a lot of people to rethink waiting until next year for their GF. The only thing I haven’t seen them mentioning is a pass through and the photo doesn’t look like it’s got one. Of course at 1/4" capacity, the GF may not have any real advantage there.

Double whammy if the above is true and GF delays again. Then they’ve got an already defined & committed $45M market to poach. Marketing 101 says they offer “conversion” incentives to GFers who switch.


No pass through needed for the Muse. It has a removable base so you scoot it along the material instead of scooting the material through it.

Not that I’m preferring the Muse; just an observation at this point.


So does that make it absolutely Class IV to start with?