Run a Glowforge on a generator

It it safe to run the glowforge straight from a generator…like going to craft shows and things ?

I would expect their official response to be no, as the GF is a computer with moderate power requirements. A good quality inverter-style would likely work just fine, I’d personally be hesitant to use anything else.


If you’re looking for an official answer you should email support (they don’t monitor here).

Personally, GF is too high $$ a piece of delicate electronic equipment for me to take such a chance.


Thank you…advice taken .

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I’ve run computers costing far more than a GF on inverter-style generators (talking $50,000 servers and such) but they are not cheap. I have a few smaller ones that I use now primarily to power my internet and sensitive devices - they are backup and protection for outages and glitches. Outages are rare where I live now, but lightning and blown transformers nearby can really mess with sensitive stuff.

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Could always run the old school telephone interchange route. True UPS always on battery run everything, charge the battery off normal power with the inverter as backup to charge the batteries from. (They used diesel generators but that seems a bit overkill for a laser. …as is my thought here, but I enjoyed it :-p )

Ok then…will if i run it on the Bluetti AC300 solar set up like i am going to run my camper off of ?

I don’t see any reason why not.

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