Run additional cut pass after job completion?

Just ran a job with 50 tokens, took over five hours to complete and can tell they did not cut through. I haven’t opened the lid yet. Can I add additional cuts now without messing the alignment up?

I tried to add additional passes before it completed, but it ran through the end and then showed the extra minutes tacked on after the fact but couldn’t get the blue go button. I tried to refresh browser, again, not having opening the lid yet, but getting nothing.


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You can’t change setting once a job is in-process.

In future, best to check settings will work on a sample before you commit to a long job.


I had just cut a bunch of things before running this job. Thought this piece (sheet) was from the same larger sheet I just finished cutting from. Guessing not because the previous items cut through like butter.

So do you suggest to run a cut and engrave test on every sheet put in the GF prior to running a job to make sure it’s going to do what it needs to? I’ll assume the answer will be a yes after having what just happened. Lol! Guess I thought if I had it dialed in on one sheet, the next one thrown in there would be fine.


Did you mean to say yes? I can add additional cuts after the job has completed but before I open the lid and not mess up the alignment?

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Yes, I meant to say yes. You can add rerun cuts after the job has finished and be confident of the placement if you haven’t opened the lid or moved anything.


Oh, wow! Okay, so GF for Dummies here, do you mind telling me how to do this? I couldn’t get the blue light to come on and do another pass of cutting. I clicked Ignore on the engrave because that did fine, but for the additional cut once the job is complete, nothing has been moved and the lid has not been opened, could you explain what I do once it’s run the cooling and I’m at this point?

And thank you so much to everyone for your assistance! It’s really great to have a community like this that’s willing to help out with the “dummies” like me! LOL! I actually think I did do additional cuts after a job finished in the past, but I have no clue how I did it, and I couldn’t find where I thought I had read up on it a couple years ago.

Click print as if it was a new job.


I routinely do this with new materials. Run my job, then open the lid and, while making sure the sheet of stock can’t move, I “probe” the cutouts with a little dental pick (which has a pointy tip that can get in to the cut slot) to see if the cutout piece moves. If a piece doesn’t move, I close the lid and run the job a second time. If none of the pieces move, I run the exact same job. If some of the pieces move, I usually up the speed by about 50% so the job will run faster.


@dklgood, @eflyguy and @randy.cohen, thank you all soooo much!!! I am going to bookmark this so I can refer back to it!!!

So appreciated! :smiley:

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I was cutting out flowers yesterday and I DID open the lid, move things around, and try to reset the position for a second run. I saw right away that it wasn’t lined up right and thought I ruined it, but it actually gave it an extra row of petals and looks pretty cool!


Mistakes in art are often “happy accidents.”


Oh, wow! Sounds like it would look pretty cool! Thanks for posting your experience with this! :smiley:

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