Russian Dice tower from a FB group



Hey folks.

Saw this today on FB laser group. Not my work, from a Russian poster. It’s a dice tower, laser made, not CNC. I love the detail on the door on the top.

Reminded me a bit of @polarbrainfreeze post a few days ago: Miniature Shipping Crates


Love the design. Think I’ll bookmark this so I can look back at it later. Thanks for sharing!


Cool stuff like this makes me wish I was more of a gamer! :sunglasses:


Dice towers! One of the many things I want to build!

I actually subscribe to a monthly box called “Dungeon Crate” full of Dungeons and Dragons goodies. I got a laser cut dice tower from them once and it would be cool to take it apart and show off how it was built!


Awesome design! One of the issues I had when I built a dice tower was it just became something else to lug around to games, so I just stopped using it. Using it as dice storage too is a great idea!


that is so cool! thanks for sharing!




I love it. The little screw and gauge details are nice.


There is always time to start! :smiley:


Too many busy people around me…no one to play with. :smile:
(Hmmmnnnn…there is that retired fellow down the street…)


Very beautifull design and execution :grin:

I’d never heard of a dice tower until joining this forum. Never new it was a thing :yum:


I’ve got a partial design for a dice tower too. A friend of mine (also a GF owner and my only referral, but not really active here) does wood working and I got a dice tray from him… I always forget that I have it though. :wink:

He also made me a great box for my Star Realms game that holds all the cards. Next steps include making dividers for it as well as etching the lid of the box.


now that I like… so cool. Now I want one…


I’m going to be a vender at a local board and video game convention coming up in April. Dice towers will be one of the things on my list of things to make. I really love this design though.


So cool, love the intricacies


That is a beautiful design, the only part that kills me is the screws aren’t all the same direction.


It is a Russian design, not a German one.


I didn’t know I needed this till now.


Wish I had this tonight. I’m off to go defend a train in Mechanus from some flying things (possibly Modrons) that are shooting rockets. I’m a monk, so I’m gonna try and catch a rocket! :nerd:


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edit: Hmmm… link doesn’t seem to save the search results. Advanced search - number of players 1