I find it very dishesrtening that this board has slowed to a snails pace. This board inspired creativity whether it was updating / improving anothers design or just being proud enough to say, hey I did this, you can too. For the designs thst are here, thank you, it is greatly appreciated.

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Tons of stuff being posted in #glowforge-project-examples - are you speaking to free designs slowing down?



There are tons of free designs out there, do some googling.

ALSO there is no free design attached to this post. I’ll fix that:



I’ve been busy with stuff that doe not go here but I’ll try to get back to it.

That said, I agree with @evansd2 , the best way to fix a darth somewhere is to fill it yourself. I look forward to seeing what you can contribute as well.


Getting free designs is a perk, and shouldn’t be expected. I love it when people share, and do so when I can, but never expect it.


Also, one solid post that describes technique is worth 100 free designs to me. Easily.

Free designs are for such a narrow use case, you have to have exactly the right material thickness, etc. I’m sure someone out there is getting some great perks of free designs, but I think I’ve only ever cut one design from here as-is, the honeycomb pins.

To be honest I am not sure I’ve cut any other free designs from here. I’d have to think hard. And all the designs I’ve gotten elsewhere have either been paid (makecnc) or maybe something from inventables (dymaxion globe). In both cases, I put in a great deal of time to modify and prepare the models for use.


You said it right there! I have cut several as they happened to match my use-case perfectly but I also subscribe to “Make” magazine, I have never made the first project that they have featured but I continue to subscribe because of the tips and techniques embedded in the projects.


In tune with all the previous comments, I will send you a Free Design, a map of the state where you live, assuming you live in the U.S.

BUT, you HAVE to burn the file!!!

I can probably do it tonight if you live in the states.

If you live elsewhere, I will have to make the file from scratch of the country where you reside.

So, where do you reside?


There is so much free information on here… it seems a bit silly to complain that there aren’t more free designs, especially if you aren’t sharing your own. I agree that the how-to’s are more valuable anyway. I’d rather be able to make my own designs and the tutorials have helped immensely.


Perhaps a few exceptions, but very few…I do use purely functional designs that are offered for free…things that I really would never even think of on my own, like the fasten down clip thingys for the honeycomb which are fabulous. Or perhaps a hanger for the back of something. Stuff like that. It’s MUCH more gratifying for other things to figure out how to design them and execute them yourself. I hope that you will discover the joy it brings to learn how to design. Best of luck to you.


Wow, how rude. Sorry i tried to inspire creativity. Not worth posting even.


I’ll be happy to post the files for my incredibly amateurish phone stand that I made as an exercise while learning Fusion 360 if you really want it. :grin:


Always post anything usable, I’ve posted several that I thought would be revived almost as a joke and they turned out to be very popular. So yes, post it and let the community decide.


I think his point is that it works both ways and to maybe even inspire creativity in you to post some free designs?


That was how I read it but I understand that something could have be lost in translation.

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So the guidelines say that we can’t go after tone (so technically you’re in violation of the forum policies at this point), but I will take it as a question as to what I meant.

Click here for the relevant portion if you can't be bothered to read the whole thing

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

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Instead, provide reasoned thoughts and explanations that improve the conversation.

But I don’t really mind about all that, sometimes people just don’t like me and that’s ok. So, to answer your (charitably) implied question, it was mostly intended the way @jbmanning5 said, but also a bit to highlight the irony that comes with posting a “nobody ever gives me free stuff” on your part.

I believe that if you are going to come onto the forum and broadly proclaim that people aren’t contributing enough for your liking it should probably not be just the second thread you’ve ever started… it’s just a bad look.

Was this worth posting?


Also just want to say that many folks may just be too busy creating items for gifts or holiday shows and don’t have too much extra time right now for posting?

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Approximately 21,800 results. You will be busy for a while if you try to go through those…


The designs i have are for helping the valve on my air tank or wedges for the wheels of my wheelchair. I’m terminally ill so I don’t get much of a chance to use mine or design. I really wasn’t complaining or begging for free stuff. I completely regret posting. Best to everyone, have a good holiday.