Safari: Glowforge App won't scroll to bottom of page


The last few times I’ve tried to use the Glowforge App in Safari, I have not been able to scroll to the bottom of the page. I can only get past the first two rows of designs, and I cannot scroll down to the bottom (to see the “show more” button).

I am using the following versions of software:

  • MacOS High Sierra Version 10.13.1
  • Safari Version 11.0.1



Myself and a few others have ended up having problems with Safari and ‘the app’. Zooming in and out was pretty much no good at all. I’m guessing that your problem might have something to do with that. Safari is my preferred browser, too, but for the app. I downloaded Chrome and have not had a problem since. In fact, I put the Chrome alias in my dock and renamed it App Glowforge. Then I set it up to automatically load the app page. I use Chrome for nothing else than the app. I hope this helps.


Hi @Xabbess!
Thanks! I was trying to keep all my work related stuff on Chrome and all my fun stuff in Safari. I will move my GF stuff to Chrome (and try to avoid being tempted to laser when working online - ha!).


You can make a new “persona” in Chrome which will keep your bookmarks etc separate from your work stuff. You can have multiple Chrome windows open, each with their own persona. Very handy.


Thanks for letting me know about this. Since you’re able to use Chrome for now, I’m going to close this thread, but I will make sure that the team continues to investigate this issue.