Safety Interlock Error on Pro (out of the blue!)

Been a very happy camper a few months in with my Pro… until tonight.

Seemingly out of the blue, I’m getting the “Safety Interlock Open” Error on a very well care for GF Pro. It’s on a dedicated table, has a dust cover and nothing goes near it or is stacked on top.

I’ve already checked the pin, reversed it, cleaned it and the like. I’ve checked for loose cables and obstructions in the door and nothing seems off.

The machine will boot and focus (with Proofgrade Draft) but once it’s cycled up, I get the “Safety Interlock” and I’ve done the reboot power-cycle at least a dozen times.

Has anyone been able to recover from this without getting a new machine?! The timing is disastrous for me as I’m on an active project…


I have had a glowforge for about 4 years now and never herd of this so i had to look it up.

If you have a Glowforge Pro, the Safety Interlock is that little staple in a circular fitting just above the power switch on the back. If it works itself loose it will break the connection and show that interlock message. Check to see that it is fully inserted.

They say to also check the ribbon connection to the Head of the unit, but you most likely did some research on your own about this , and I have a bad feeling you might have to send your unit back Sadly .

The pin is a low-voltage connection, used to bypass a simple switch that uses an industry-standard connection.

It’s hard for it to “break”, it’s more likely the wires from the socket that the pin drops into have detached from the circuit board, or broken somehow. It’s not something you can fix, unless you are really handy and your machine is out of warranty.


Hi @coalakida and @eflyguy - thank you both for the detailed replies.

It’s an obscure one for me and I’m at a total loss how it’s happened. I had not come across other users having this when reading up prior to buying my unit, but I have come across another user who has a new unit experiencing the same issue as me.

I’ve checked the small fitting and ribbon cables but getting the same results. So far, all those I’ve found have had to have their units replaced by support.

Thankfully, it under warranty but it sucks to be down when I needed it. Attaching photos submitted with the support ticket below.

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Yeah, it’s a pain, but it you are under warranty, I am afraid a return is likely - although it is technically something support could over-ride via an update to your machine.

Tech Support was swift and helpful… to unfortunately conclude there’s nothing to be done but replace the unit with a factory refurbished one (that meets all new device standards).

Fingers crossed this mystery doesn’t occur again as I hadn’t been very hard on this Pro model I’ve had for only five months. I’m bummed out and down for a few days but hopefully up and running soon.

Thanks again @eflyguy and @coalakida for the support and advice.


It’s not all that common based on what I’ve seen here, especially considering they have sold well over 100,000 of these machines.

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