Safety interlock glowforge pro

Hello, I’ve been trying to contact some for three weeks now since my first email about my glowforge pro. I’m receiving an error that says the safety interlock on the back is open. I’ve checked the interlock on the back, taken pictures and responded to the first email with the pictures the representative asked me for. Never received a response back.

Not much you can do but keep trying, or wait.

If the jumper is in-place, and you’ve tried removing and reseating it, then the machine will need to be sent back in for replacement.

It’s connected internally to the main control board, and either a wire has broken or the connector came loose. It’s not user serviceable.


3 weeks is unacceptable. We just got this error last Wednesday after a camera error, so I’m guessing it will be a while until we hear back too. How old is your machine?

I finally got a response back the following morning after I wrote this post. I responded and haven’t heard back since. I bought mine December 12th but, because of shipping delays, I didn’t get it until the end of December. So it’ll about two months old and only used a handful of times. When they wrote back, they said they can replace it with a refurbished one

Disappointing, but not unexpected.

Please let us know how the process proceeds.

My replacement arrived and won’t even cut through proofgrade materials. When I put the image on the page and print, it moves the image. I tried using focus, calibrating the machine, cleaning lenses and checked the crumb tray. This is very disappointing

Oof, that sucks. UPS and FedEx are not gentle with packages, especially when they’re 70 pound 4 foot wide boxes and they don’t have a second person to help carry them. Picture the Glowforge box being rolled end over end multiple times as it travels across the country to you, before finally being dropped hard at your front door. The machine leaves the factory tested and working perfectly, but doesn’t always arrive that way. Personal experience, my first replacement was damaged, but they replaced it again immediately and that one worked perfectly – even better than my original Glowforge.

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