Safety interlock Issue, need urgent help!

Yesterday night, my glowforge stopped working by saying “Safety interlocks on the back of your glowforge is open. Close it and reboot your machine. " But I have Gloferge plus which does not have safety interlock at back.
If the problem persists, contact
But I have glowforge plus, which does not have a safety interlock at back.

I do not understand what happened. This is issue happened only at my second day I need urgent help. I have customers waiting for their christmas orders that I have to get them ready this week.

Looking forward to hearing a quick solution otherwise, I may need to request refund from amazon, where I purchased.

I am not near my forge at the moment. but I do recall from others that on the back of the unit near the power switch is some kind of connector that is the interlock and sometimes it works itself loose.

so power off and reseat it. also do a search in t he manual for interlock and it might show a picture.

good luck.

My understanding is the basic and plus only have the magnetic interlocks in the front at the lid and front door.

Thank you very much for you reply.

I checked the manual and back of my glowforge plus laser, it does not have safety interlock key looking circle, probably just pro has that. I just used my glowforge 2 days, it is very disappointing to have an issue in a short time.

Did you try turning it off, making sure all the connections (power supply) were plugged in all the way and secure? Then try turning it back on again to see if the message clears?

Next thing to check would be to carefully remove the print head, detach the cable and check the pins…make sure none are bent or broken. Be careful when you reseat it, make sure it is plugged all the way in until it clicks, and don’t bend anything.

Third thing to check is to make sure the front door is closed completely so that the magnetic interlocks engage.

Support might be able to see something going on with your machine from looking at the metrics if you can give them the date, time, and time zone of the last time you saw the problem.

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Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I see you’ve already emailed us about this as well, so I’ve followed up there to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.