Safety Lock Error On Plus

Just received my Glowforge Plus today and already there’s an issue, I don’t take kindly to dishing out big dollars only to receive an inoperable device. Looking at all the help topics it seems this will result in a replacement, which now makes me wonder if the GlowForge isn’t isn’t dependable, looks like I’ll be contacting my AG and filing a complaint, dang didn’t even get to use it…wow!!!

Welcome to the forum. I am sure it is very disappointing to not get to print your first projects as soon as the machine comes out of the box.

Support will be along soon to help you out (I am just another owner) and hopefully you will be up and running soon.

There are thousands of happy customers using their Glowforges. Many of us have had their machines for over 3 years. If your first thought was to file a complaint with your AG because you may or may not have a faulty unit, perhaps you don’t really want a Glowforge at all. If you want the pleasure of creating with this fun device, I suggest you give the company a chance to address your issue rather than fling threats and jump to conclusions about the reliability of the product or the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.


Paying over $3k for something not to have it work is not the experience that I was expecting, I guess you were fortunate enough to not have any issues or have money to blow so I truly understand your comment if either is the case.

As I said, your experience is disappointing. Give the company a chance to make it right. The world is imperfect. Some Glowforges get damaged in shipping and arrive with broken glass. Some machines, although all are tested, arrive with a problem that can’t be fixed. Most, however, survive Fed Ex and end up being a valued purchase.


I paid over $40,000 for my car and it had issues from day one. Luckily, like a Glowforge, it had a warranty and those issues were quickly fixed at no cost to me. Your Glowforge will be fixed or replaced at no cost to you.

Nobody expects anything they buy to not work, but the reality is that some machines will have an issue, or be broken in transit. The company’s going to fix it for you per their warranty. You haven’t blown any money.


If you bought a car for over $40k and it had issues from day one…I have two vehicles I will most definitely sell you …lol…believe me I get everyone’s view, but it’s still frustrating the same, $3k is gone as it’s already has been slotted and taken, as of now there’s nothing by way of my favor. But we will see what tomorrow brings, till then craft on my fellow GlowForgers…hopefully I will be there also…

Hope you don’t mind me going off on a tangent. The car was a Nissan LEAF.

It’s won most reliable car on the road, most reliable used electric vehicle, lowest cost to own electric vehicle for 5 years running, and I can’t find a link right now, but the most reliable vehicle in the world by warranty and insurance claims in another study.

So I literally could not have picked a car less likely to have problems, yet mine did. It had a radar unit out of alignment (which disables the self-driving and led to a phantom braking event when it thought I was going to collide with a non-existent car) and some other minor problem.

But I think I would have looked a bit foolish to come out the gate declaring all Nissan Leaf cars undependable and threatening to go to the AG about it instead of letting the dealer fix it. The car’s 3 years old now and hasn’t needed any maintenance since that first repair. Doesn’t even need oil changes.


Talk about an annoying box to save… this arrived in December. After assembling it, it went about 3 inches forward and died completely. I had to crate it back up and am still waiting for the company to send a freight carrier to get it the heck out of my garage.

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I am quite impressed that you got it back in the box and ready for the freight carrier. You have had a bit of poor luck with your snowblowers. Perhaps spring is just around the corner.

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had a less than amazing experience with your Glowforge so far. I’m going to need some personal information from you, so I’ve just reached out to you via email. I’m going to close this thread to simplify our communication going forward.