Salmon leather?

This link talks about using salmon leather from sustainable farming operations to boost the profitability of those that adopt responsible practices. They make and sell wallets, but so far, no indication as to whether it will be available for other uses.


Interesting for sure. The price point seems a tad bit high. I can’t imagine paying upwards of $70 for a wallet.

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Pretty cool that theyve made a material that pliable. I dont think I could work with it though because the smell of fish/seafood makes me quite ill.


SAME HERE! Completely unrelated, interesting side note: Tuna was the last thing I ate before becoming vegetarian. Most unpleasant experience of my life. Worse than the kidney stone.


Sushi that was gone a bit too far?

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While it’s a bit on the expensive side ($24 for about half a square foot) it would provide a rather unique look. I could certainly see myself using it on a special project.

But I’d have to hope the GF air filter works really, really well. Burnt fish odors don’t sound pleasant. :slight_smile:


Then again, crispy salmon skin sushi is among my favorites when I can get it…

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nah, tuna salad sandwich after my body had lost the ability to produce the enzymes to digest it

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Bummer. That sure doesn’t sound good.

Dang. Shoulda gone for the Egg Salad :yum:

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“Anyonne seen my leather jacket…?”


I’m surprised that salmon skin would be thick enough for that.