Salt Cellar & More Coasters


Normally I’m not much of a joiner, but I was feeling left out so I made some coasters and holder for them. No proograde materials in the coasters or holder.

I made a salt cellar with a fingerjoint box on the inside made out of :proofgrade: walnut plywood and a facade of :proofgrade: walnut hardwood inlayed with :proofgrade: veneers on the outside. There is a matching Cl atom on the side to the right and another pair of Na and Cl atoms on the other two sides.

All the gory details are in Beyond the Manual here:


Cool trilobyte! :grinning::+1:


Glad you joined on…those are quality !! Hope you share more. :grin:


Those are great designs. I wonder if the salt will absorb a smoky flavor.


We were the ones left out! Thanks for sharing those! I have an affinity for fossils too.


Oh, very fine! I love the way you did the salt box–there are so few options for boxes if you want to avoid the finger joint look.


At the market I was debating, Himalayan red salt or smoked salt? If I get the Himalayan I may wind up with it smoked. But I doubt it, the shellac seals things in pretty well.


I love this! Especially the salt cellar. It looks lovely. :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok. Now I understand. Read the post in BTM and wasn’t sure. What a great table set. Clever designs.


The salt cellar is great, as someone who has eight different salts this would be great.