Salt shaker settings



Thank you! I’m hoping to mess around with glass some more this week if I can eke out some time for it.

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Thanks for sharing!

I think I’m going to follow @palmercr’s suggestion and let the Made With A Glowforge category die. Making two threads about the same project is silly. I almost didn’t do it last night and I don’t think I intend to do it again.


agreed, especially since they could simply apply the same warning to the made on a glowforge category and thus absolve themselves of whatever responsibility they feel.

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Maybe we ought to just let the whole forum die…what do you think?

do you mean the ‘made on a glowforge’ category, or are you being snarky? i can’t tell.

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Jules would never be snarky… I don’t think she has it in her!



honestly i was trying to give the benefit of the doubt.

When in doubt, you know that your chatting with @Jules (snicker snicker) :laughing:

Of course that was snark. I’ve been known to indulge when the mood strikes. :laughing:

But I’ve also thought about it a bit more since this morning and realized that having people who want to put their projects into Beyond the Manual do so, is probably not a bad idea, so carry on with your plans.

Don’t let me interrupt them further. :smile:

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I gleamed this idea off a post @dan had made about this issue.

Keep the projects in Made on A Glowforge.

Put materials settings in Beyond The Manual.

So for example in MOAG you would have the project “Glass Salt Shakers” then in BTM you would have “Settings for Glass”.

This makes the settings within BTM not tied to a specific project and more universal, and if people ask for settings in MOAG you can just tell them “I used the settings posted in BTM”

Eventually BTM will have a collection of settings for all types of materials if people do it this way, and there won’t be any need to continually post in BTM unless there’s some new material or refined settings for existing material.


Well that’s a problem of searching all the time it should be a shareable db in the gfui but that would cut into proofgrade material sales

well, this section will be a lot easier to search if it’s kept to info regarding specific materials, and not a catch-all for all projects because the 30 seconds it takes to make a second post and link the two together is too much effort.

I actually like the idea of not posting projects on this forum. I think it would be a be better user experience for things like build logs and project reports. The entire ‘not a big deal to do two posts’ is silly. Especially when it will be easier to go to another URL. Probably either instructables or thingiverve. Neither of them seem to have a problem with posting system settings.

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Ya but the gf uses non industry settings that mean nothing to anyone else so a instructibles would have senseless settings in it that no other laser could use

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I suggest ANY additional effort to make a simple post is “too much.” Not to mention if I see a really cool project “over there” and then if I want the details on it I have to come here, and then I want to comment on the project itself I have to go back, but if I want to further the discussion on the creation of that project I have to come back here. That’s ridiculous. (Not you, of course… the process, that is.) One thread per project seems to be the right number.


I don’t see BTM as the place for projects at all. I see it as a materials and settings reference, which is independent of any specific project.

If I want project ideas I go to MOAG and look up project references, construction/joinery details, finishing, assembling, etc.

If I want settings for engraving on a specific material I go to BTM and look up that material to see if somebody has posted good settings for a starting point. Unless the thread is specifically dealing with testing out and dialing in settings for a particular material, I don’t see where it would need any further discussion.

What I think is ridiculous, is going into BTM to look for material settings and having to wade through endless finger joint boxes, acrylic keychains, etc. to dig the useful info out of multiple 150-post threads that went off-topic 6 times. :slight_smile: It’s much easier if the thread title is “Lowes 1/4” Baltic Birch Ply" or “Plaskolite 0.222” Acrylic" and the only info within is that dealing specifically with that material, regardless and independent of any project.


That’s not how the category was setup though nor its intended purpose as defined by @Dan. It’s a house for anything that discusses non-PG materials or settings. Since most people are doing that in the context of a project, it’s natural to put projects here. I don’t see a lot of us doing the basic testing for settings by material - those are side effects of doing a project.

I’ll do a posting this week on my travails with doing an engrave that ultimately was completed on PG but started with BB as my testing - and it was more about the issues around file complexity than it was about settings but the settings impact the solutions to the complexity issue. I’m only doing 1 post though so you’re going to be tough out of luck if you want to know what settings work on BB and how those settings allow or prevent complex design files from being successfully created on a GF. It already took me 20 hours to get through - including watching the “preparing to print” dialog for up to 10 minutes at a time before getting the “unknown error has occurred…” over & over & over & over again so I’m not going to do another thread here.

If you want settings by material, grab one of the calibration tools that have been posted and use them on your material samples then you’ll have the info you want on a materials-centric view.

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Now I see how you’re using BTM. And, of course, that’s perfectly valid.
For me, I see it a little differently. I see how a material was used within the specific use-case. For example, your settings for dovetail joints, while for acrylic, are absolutely not the settings I’d use for engraving an image into the exact same acrylic. It’s not the material… it’s how it’s being used that I want the settings for.


I agree 100% - settings without context are meaningless. It’s the project that brings the context.