Sample Chips, New Filter

I had to give the Glowforge a couple weeks off while I waited for my new filter to arrive. My neighbor had been complaining about the smell, so I decided to take the plunge and invest in a filter, since I’m very limited in where my setup can be.

The filter arrived, so I’m now back in “business” cutting to my heart’s content. For my first project, I decided to tackle sample chips of all my sheet acrylics. I put the filter through its paces, cutting (and engraving my logo on) about half of my 70-ish colors. Not a single whiff of acrylic! So I’m happy so far with my filter investment.

Hopefully I’ll get the other half done tomorrow. I needed to start cataloguing my materials collection so my scattered brain will know where to re-order materials I like. Having the sample chips shows how well each sheet cuts and engraves, and will help me match colors for my projects without having to dig through my supply. I’ll put small labels on the back with name, supplier, price, etc.

Here’s the chips so far. I think I’ll put each type on its own ball chain so they’re easier to handle. The ring is a little awkward, even though it looks cool.


Something that j did when I got my glow forge was make something for my neighbors. Have never had a problem with them. Might work for you too.


Thanks for the suggestion. I had plans to make her some funny pet tags and a miniature paper house portrait. But honestly the whole interaction was rather unpleasant… it may take me a while to get around to making those. :laughing:

I know it smelled, but probably no worse than the trash bins when she tosses her dog and cat waste out in the summer heat. :nauseated_face:


Lovely and practical. I wish I was as well organized.


So pretty to look at!

I always swatch my paints, inks and markers … it has always served me well.


Great idea!! Where do you purchase your acrylic?

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I’ve purchased them piecemeal from all over. I’m in the US, and for some reason there’s not a wide variety of lush colors available through US suppliers - so I order many from Etsy or Ebay.

Since most are “uncertified”, I’ll post my suppliers here.


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