Sanding/whittling tabs to fit slots

I am SO tired of having to whittle or sand down the tabs to fit the slots on GF catalog designs–I have yet to find wood that is accurately 1/8 inch thick, it always seems to be just a tad thicker, proofgrade included. I just want to tweak those tabs and slots in the catalog file so I can make them fit my material without all the added manual labor. But of course, we can’t access the GF catalog svg file to do that. Very frustrated. At least I can tweak the files I buy on Etsy.

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Just think how many hours of sanding and whittling you would have to do to make those things WITHOUT the glowforge. :rofl:


True! I did find if I enlarge the size slightly on the print, the tabs fit the material better. Still, not always the best solution.

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As a quick trick you can run the cut line twice, it’ll widen the kerf just a bit and make slots more likely to fit.


I usually just use an Xacto knife, as I find the wood cuts pretty easily. But I like deirdrebeth’s idea better, to set it to run cut lines twice. I’ll have to try that next time.


I found a wood file that makes it a bit easier too, and I definitely have to try deirdrebeth’s two cut method. Sounds like I’m not the only one with this problem…

Thank you @deb2 for the feedback! I’ll be sure to notify our team about this.

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