Saving power settings

I know this has been mentioned several times before but after losing over 30 minutes of power and speed testings on a complex design it’s worth mentioning again.

Please add the ability to save the object power and speed settings with the design.
Also please fix the stuck at ‘Scanning your material’ bug which forced me the refresh the browser and lose everything.


For next time: There is a workaround for the scanning bug (and most other “stuck” process problems).

Search around and you’ll find it, it’s been documented thoroughly.

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Pretty sure saved power settings are in the hopper for software improvements, until then though, most of us keep notebooks and/or logs handy so we can write settings down. Couple others have mentioned putting the settings into the filenames of projects in the GF app home page. Others run test grids into sample materials that they keep on-hand for visual reference.


Which will immediately open up 2 other needed improvements - either the ability to search for a design on the app page or folders.

If you rely on the GF to save your settings then you would need to leave the designs in your app. It’s hard to find anything on that page - especially with the “Show More” construct.

I delete mine after they’ve aged a bit and aren’t likely to be reprinted soon. Even with that I have to “Show More” a dozen times to get to the bottom. Having everything I’ve done on there so I can have the settings would make it nearly impossible to find something after a month or so.


I was wondering the same but instead of putting a lot of effort in content organization I’d rather they focus on bugs and core functionality. I was thinking a simple solution for settings would be a specification file that binds colors to specs.

That would allow the specs to be maintained locally and still applied to the design.

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My issue was a test grid (It would be nice if it was standard). It takes a long time to enter all of the settings every time. This time I was having issues with the design placement not matching the actual. I finally realized the issue was the screen was zoomed and there is a bug placing designs on zoomed materials. Then I hit cancel at the wrong time and hit the ‘stuck’ processing bug.

When stuck on scanning, open another tab in your browser to the UI and load a simple quick to process file. Let the UI process it to the ‘ready’ blinking button and then cancel that op. Return to the original tab and it will have cleared, allowing you to scan it again - without losing your file position on the material or settings.


This seems like it should be an extremely simple fix that would offer a lot of value. Being able to catalog and revisit work is sort of critical to improving your overall workflow.


I’m so sorry for my slow response and that you lost your work.

I really appreciate your suggestions and have shared them with the rest of the team.

Please post a new topic or email us at if you have any other questions or suggestions.