Saw this on a Glowforge Commercial and I NEED IT!

I saw this on a GF commercial and I’ve been looking for this file to purchase EVERYWHERE! Who made it? How the heck do I get it?? It’s absolutely fantastic!

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You will find this thread interesting:

You’re not alone. That other thread pretty much says it all.


I’m going to move this over to Everything Else, since Made on a Glowforge is meant for showing your creations. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I wasn’t sure where to post.

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There’s a top post in each category that tells what it’s for, and any particular rules etc. for that part of the forum. :blush:

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Make it.

It is Neoneon Font with a picture of a leaf (which I assume meant leave?).
Paint a board white and engrave the I and YOU on it.
Cut a leaf pattern (or heart if you prefer) from acrylic or painted wood and glue it where applicable.
Cut or buy a frame to make it look like it belongs on the wall.
Done and done.


Lol. That is a terrible message in a nice looking package. (If you interpret it that way).

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