Says Lid open but its not

MY lid is closed but im getting lid open signal and it keeps spinning. Everything is clean, ive open and closed the conections all on the lid cable. its also only showing a piece of proof grade i had in there when it started happening. It will not let me refresh the bed. ive tried logging in and out. Itsa por and doesnt have many hours on it even though i had it for 1 1/2 years. Just a hobby maybe a couple hours a week. I have replaced the black lid cable and still showing lid open

There are two sensors on the lid that tells the Glowforge that the lid is closed. If the wiring connection is broken somewhere it thinks the lid is open. This is usually but not always a bad black cable. It would be best to email support with the timing of the last time it messed up so they can check the records. the newest black cables are long enough now to rarely mess up but in the past, opening the lid too far would mess the black cable up. if your machine is old enough that could be a problem. but a visual check and photos of all the connections at the ends of the black cable included in your email might help.


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