Says offline but I am online PleasseHelp!

Ok so I finished a cut, it was fine. Then added new sheet and it was focusing forever so I turned off waited and turned back on. Now I can even get it to be online. Says offline and makes usual turn on noises but no arm movement and no connectivity. I am ready to cry, I have so many orders. Please help:( I tried the things suggested restart router, unplug wait etc, I tried blank bed, I am at a loss. thanks in advance for any help:)

Hey there. I just started having a similar issue about 15 mins ago or so. Stuck in scanning or preparing. It’s not my internet. Have unplugged, refreshed, turned off, etc. No resolution. It may be an internal problem.

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OMG thank you I was terrified it was just me! Thank you for making me feel like this will resolve itself.

I know what you mean! Hopefully some others can hop on and confirm. And if it’s just us two, I’ll be crying with you. lol

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I also thought this was just me so I am glad I checked in! Mine has been stuck on centering for the past 25 minutes or so without doing any of the normal moves that it normally does when you first turn it on. I have checked & reset my internet, cables & everything. Fingers crossed for a quick fix!


The Glowforge status page ( sez all is well, although there’s an outage scheduled tonight. :sunglasses:

Thank you😃

Hi Cheryl,

It looks like you are back up and printing! Are you still having the same issue you were having before? I believe the troubleshooting the forum members did seems to have been the right suggestions. Which is great!

Let me know if you are still having issues connecting or not.


Yes thank you so much! I’m sorry I’ve been crazy busy. That time of year! Planning on ordering a second machine soon. Thank you

Hi Cheryl,

That’s awesome to hear! Were here for you whenever you want to order that second machine! I hope you have a good Holiday and enjoy printing all your Holiday goodies.

I’m going to go ahead and close this ticket now. If you have any other questions or need help with anything else feel free to get in touch with us by making a new forum post or sending an email ticket!

Happy Printing!