Scale down project while keeping cut slot size

Hi friends!

I bought a human sized head SVG file and looking to make it smaller than the original size, but keep the cut slots the same. It’s created to fit 1/8 and i’d like to scale it to fit on two pieces of draft board…

for reference. Please let me know if this is possible in Inkscape!

Thank you

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Yes it is, and I’ve written it up. It’s difficult to search for, so I wont even get on you for “you should search first”. :wink:


Thanks, looks like it’ll be a huge time suck for me either way

PS - as a quick fix, I’m using cardboard for this 3D head :slight_smile:

so, one option that is not super challenging,

we took a 3d “Baby Yoda” an sliced it up to this.

Baby Yoda

It also has the cross slice that your showing in your example. .


Here is an example of a few min of grabing a head off of thingiverse and using slicer.


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