Scale gets distorted from Inkscape to GFUI

Hi everyone. I’m having issues, getting frustrated, etc.

First issue: I build simple files in Inkscape, assign a scale, grid, all that, but when I import the Inkscape plain SVG file into the GFUI the scale is distorted and I can’t correct it. First time I had this issue was with the basic Gift Tag tutorial. Did it exactly as per instructions (3 times on 3 different computers) and the size/scale is out of whack when bringing it into GFUI.

Second issue: No design imports to the GFUI when I click on the Snap and Store Box Open icon. It’s just showing a blank GF bed. I’ve logged out, restarted the computer, but there is nothing there,

I’m officially labeling the GFUI as CRAPPY thus far.

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The quick answer is - make your page/design area 12x20 (or even better 11x19.5) - different versions of the program default to a different lpi. This will fix it no matter which version you’re using.

The long answer is: Glowforge Interface - Correctly Save a File as an SVG for the GFUI 🤔

To reset a GF design in the UI click on the 3 dot menu and click “Reset design”
Keep in mind anytime you make changes in the GFUI that’s what it saves, so if you add to, delete from, move, whatever, a design the last thing you did will be what opens the next time. This is true of your designs as well as GF’s. Only the GF designs have the reset option


Eventually you’ll learn the program just like any other program and these issues will be a thing of the past! Welcome to GF, you’re in for a fabulous ride :slight_smile:


When you open the Snap and Store Box, have you selected a material? The GFUI and bed should like my photo.

I think the GF file needs reset - going to try that

Thanks so much! Will try it now…

Thanks for lending a hand though! I will pay it forward… one day.

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That is a good start, remember if you move or bump the laser head you will have to restart the GF so it can calibrate itself so it knows where the head position is at.

Thanks for the answer @deirdrebeth and @dklgood, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!