Scale is wrong

Hi. I searched around but couldn’t find this answer. I am sure it is an easy one.

I set up my Illustrator workspace ala @chris and I am exporting as .svg. Why does’t the scale come in right?



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What are your SVG settings?

Check to make sure you aren’t saving it as “Responsive” it was a default in my Illustrator when I started. It seems to be remembering it now.


Wow… it took you people a whole 3 seconds to respond. What ha[pened to the service around here?

That worked!! I had to uncheeck responsive


Latency :slight_smile:

If you’re working in inches, you change the decimals to 3 or 4. If metric, one will suffice. Also, choose text to outlines. Then you can keep a working AI file and when you save that as SVG, it will automatically create outlines of the text, keeping the AI text editable.


Thanks for the answer @jbmanning5 and @jeffreyp, that’s right. Please open a new thread if you have another question.