Scan Image is off once again

Having cut a lot of very fine parts the last two weeks with near to perfect alignment from the bed image. This morning, the image is off by approximately 5/8" from the left edge of the crumb trey side. Please GF retest your software when you make changes. I just lost a big chunk of wasted acrylic.

Top pic shows the sheet right up against the crumb trey side

bottom image is what was cut. Big difference to the scan image. I rescanned a couple of times and got the same offset

Weird. Yours must have been broken before somehow. None of the rest of us can cut or see the left hand 5/8" of the crumb tray since the beginning.


Really! I have been doing this from day one. Maybe I had not noticed before due to tap of cuts I was doing. However, This should be corrected. I use the left edge to align very small parts to cut.

Are you sure that the first image is actually at the very edge of the crumb tray? As @markwal said we’ve never been able to full access the crumb tray and due to this there are a variety of techniques that have been created to be able to fully utilize the material.

It’s also typical that the GFUI camera and actual cuts are off by about a 1/4 inch.

They could prove me wrong, but I don’t think this will ever work to a significant level of precision because there is play in the case, the position of the crumb tray and registration is done against the position of the lid camera. I cut a jig in the lower left hand corner that works sufficiently for what I’m doing.

I’m sorry for my slow reply, and for the trouble with your print. We’re working on software improvements that will increase the printable area as well as the camera’s field of view.