Scanning and calibration getting stuck - are we having an outage?



They use Google Cloud Services.

Whats interesting is this…


FYI, I powered on my machine about an hour after your OP. No issue calibrating. Scanning definitely took longer than I’m used to. A couple of minutes rather than several seconds. “Preparing design” took eh… a bit long, really, at ~5 mins. But the job is 19" x 5" and has about 15 objects that will take 3 hours(?!) to complete. So maybe that’s okay. Job is currently running.


Yeah that is a concern for me… does Glowforge have access to our images?


I would assume so. It would be very advantageous for them from a development and diagnostic perspective.


We’ve seen an increased number of failures tonight - not an outage but a suspiciously high failure rate. The team’s been investigating. They’re still tracking down the root cause, but they believe that they’ve mitigated it now. Please start a new P&S ticket if you’re still seeing this tonight.


I’ve been stuck at Scanning, post-job, for several minutes now. If I need to close the app, I’ll be really screwed since I sized the job in the app and I need to run off one section of it on another material. That’ll mean the last 3 hours that it took to do the job will have been completely wasted.

Edit: SON OF A… The app is just completely hung in Scanning. I powered off and it’s still spinning saying it’s scanning. (Also dropdown shows Offline like it should right now.) UGH! If I lost this…

Edit: It’s not going to recover, is it… 3 hours and a sheet of :proofgrade: Thick Maple Ply, down the drain.


Thank you everyone for your feedback!

As @dan mentioned, the high failure rates should now be mitigated, so I’m going to close this thread. However, if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.

Thanks again!

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