Schedule update (December '16)

This is now the 3rd delay, I ordered the Glowforge Pro with filtration without a care in the world, due to the marketing and fantastical videos demonstrating a near ready to ship product. I really should have just bought a Mr Beam and been making little projects all along rather than dragging along these senseless and near useless updates. If completely alienating their customers was a worry, it’s definitely happening now. Next August will without a doubt turn into next February. I don’t care to stick around to find out if it ships or not, I’m already let down at myself for falling for this trap. I even sold off a laser I was planning on mounting to my x-carve actually expecting them to come through this time. I no longer wish to be a sucker, alAdam Savage and Tested’s credibility is shot just as much as Glowforge’s is as far as I’m concerned.


People have seen two GFs in the same place at the same time, think maker faires. Pretty sure anyone who has done the tour of the GF offices has seen more than two in the same place at the same time. You say you live in Seattle, even though I think you meant the statement as a veiled threat, why not ask for a tour?

Why is it so impossible? Too many people to keep a secret that big for so long … somebody would break.


I’m very sorry @dan but all of your wonderfull offers for us international costumers are just a bunch of lies… we can’t order the instructables and all those “wonderful” things basically because THEY DONT SHIP TO SOME OF OUR COUNTRIES:… you keep on giving excuses and bonuses that work PERFECTLY for your USA based clientele but what about some of us who live abroad!? I’m sorry but I really need an answer on this situation … I’m very very pissed off and I’m sure you or anyone of your team won’t man up to some sort of reply to this …


I agree… give us some love too :frowning:

Yeah. this is the straw. “shipping in January” is what you said when we signed up in August. Now We have to wait another 7months. Screw that when there are look-a-like shipping products already available in the market.

When I cancel; I assume you’ll be paying me bank interest back?
Sorry if I sound bitter/jaded; but I’m tired of crowdfunding hardware companies thinking it’s “ok” to steal the interest while they work thru the “delays” for a product that is ready to ship in a month or two.

Sad too… because now I have to recommend to my 8 referrals to cancel as well.

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It’s painful to make that decision but it’s not a close call.

We’ll continue to post monthly updates, answer questions daily in the forum, and continue to finish the process of manufacturing thousands of units. I’m so sorry we let you down.

If you’ve lost faith in us, you should cancel. I wouldn’t blame you.

We ran out of space in the office and moved them to our basement storage, but if you ping me in a few days, I will see about going down and getting a picture.

That’s a really good question, and it didn’t occur to me before. Let me talk to the team about that and get back to you.

I truly apologize for keeping you waiting. I’m going to spend today (Friday) focused on communicating with everyone here, then get back to work trying to bring that date in as soon as we can without compromising quality.

We’re fortunate to have one of the best hardware investors in the business. I shared these details with him this week, and he’s fully supportive. We have more than enough money in the bank to operate without spending a penny of the funds you’ve paid us, which are reserved until we ship your Glowforge.

I’m so sorry, @stilts. I admire your work and apologize profoundly that we will not be there this month to help you as we planned and as you paid for.

Thanks, Sam. We’re amazed by what our pre-release units can do but I know that’s little consolation to people who don’t have their Glowforge yet.

Yes, and yes, pending any regulatory hangups - we’re still working through all our international approvals.

I’m so sorry, @leftsockrightfoot. We’ve made $22 per person in interest; we’re spending that (and a great deal more) on the materials we’re sending you because of the delay.

I just checked for you - you’re good!

It was in the system in the original video. We glued the connector in early units. To be clear, the detachable portion is the head with the autofocus, camera, depth sensing laser diode, and turning mirror, not the laser itself.

We’ve designed the Glowforge hardware around parts that are either widely available or completely custom made for us. Fortunately, that’s insulated us from that problem.

As for the rest of your questions, I completely understand why you’re asking, and don’t fault you for wanting to know. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons including legal and competitive concerns, those are the only ones I can answer right now.

I understand, and I’m sorry we let you down. We will have your refund processed in ten days or less.

Please note that your account was flagged by other users due to profanity in your subsequent posts, so your account has been automatically blocked from posting further. I don’t blame you for being upset, and I apologize for coming up short in delivering your Glowforge on time.

Thanks @pomwah. It’s a hard day at Glowforge HQ (I’m here with @rita answering folks now) but we’ll get back to building your Glowforge soon.

I understand, and I wish I had better words to describe how terrible I feel for letting you down. I don’t fault you for being frustrated with us.

We feel the same way - so close we’re dearly tempted to just go for it, but know that doing so would ultimately come back to hurt the people who supported us even more than taking longer to do it right.

We’re going to work night and day to make that happen.


Thought you weren’t going to use our money, interest is part of our money. But just say sorry everyone. Can’t give you that back. I’ve done spent that.


I think that it’s all relative, really… they wouldn’t even be considered a small cap public company at this point, nor a microcap. They would be considered a nanocap. But that’s probably really neither here nor there.

The delay is frustrating at the very least. However, the series A and series B rounds that you mentioned, and the well-known investors involved with those rounds, to me at least, greatly diminishes any question of scam in my mind. We have been over-promised and under-delivered to this point and it definitely stings.

What would gain your trust back? A lot of tidbits of info are dropped on the forum throughout the course of a day/week/month but they are tough to find if you aren’t reading everything. I think for me, a big sense of relief would come from production & shipping updates as they start to roll out. “We rolled out 20 forges this week and they are on the way to customers.” We’re going to see more and more people receiving their Glowforges and posting about their experiences here. As noted, “hundreds of units per month through February” - seeing some decent numbers rolling out and increasing numbers of people posting here that they’ve received their Glowforge will go a long ways in making me feel better.



And you know what’s the worst bit of all of this ?? You are being cynical with the people who funded your “dream company” since the beginning And giving an answer like: "if you don’t like my terms you can cancel " isn’t the most polite way of doing things… I’m sure your CRM employee would get sacked for this… it’s just VERY RUDE the way you are acting… as I said before MAN UP and do a live video of you showing us ALL the stuff you keep on saying because to be honest actions talk louder than words and so far all of your actions leave a lot to be desired!

Dan, i am disappointed. But i would be more disappointed if you would send me a bad product. So please deliver 100 percent and the best product you can. I would even wait another 12 months if necassary. So don’t feel pressured to deliver something what is not 100 percent. Quality is function number one.


Really is that your reply!? Copy-pasting the email you sent!?

I understand that everyone is upset, some more than others but I honestly don’t understand how offering you your money back is being rude?


I just checked inventables… for ONE 8x12 acrylic sheet ($11) I’ll have to pay $32 shipping to Switzerland, plus probably customs when it arrives. Those $50 won’t exactly go a long way…


Honestly the very first thing that popped in my head was Dan riding around a shiny new Segway around the office, the variety of selfies posted here, and there’s plenty more time to get out and market to more potential buyers, but a simple request of proof is met with a shrug-off attitude. I understand there’s an abundance of stress and problem solving to do, but it appears that there’s just too proof showing a substantial amount of time has been dedicated to everything BUT the original product we bought into, a desktop laser cutter that could cut into a variety of materials. I’m seriously just bitter at this company and it’s very lax attitude towards promises made and a marketing campaign that was pure fiction. This order should have been fulfilled in February of 2015. I seriously hope you guys follow through and actually deliver a product to your customers.

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I don’t know how Glowforge will be issuing the gift certificates but I would bet that someone here in the States would take it off your hands for a slight discount to retail value. I know that’s not a huge consolation, but at least it would be something. Just an idea.


I think you are seeing where you quoted the initial post. This shows up as you replying to yourself.

He’s doing a live video Q&A today (Friday.) I’m trying to figure out how to phrase your “MAN UP” statement as a question that could be answered there. Show us a video of 3D engraving? Show us what? So far, they’ve been pretty good about answering specific questions on the forums.


You wanna know why it’s rude!? Because for foreign costumers it’s A LOT harder to get their money back specially more than a year after and seriously … saying “get your money back” after using it for a year to fund something that is non existent is just plain rude ! … how many of your original costumers are left??? I’m sorry to be pissed off but what I payed for for my glowforge is the equivalent of what a lot of families earn in 5 years in my country … it’s just beyond appalling this attitude strong text

I would love to se photos of production process, machines, etc. Is that so hard to do?

Your friends at inventables did it when they made the carvey cnc.

That would calm every one , the fact that you are avoiding that is a weird sign.

I would even consider buying one myself again .


Read @markevans36301 posts on this thread…Man up would literally translate to show us the broken bits and the production processes … basically we as “crowdfunders” have the right to know how things are going not just getting emails saying "we are terribly sorry it will be another 6 months till you get it "