Schedule update (December '16)

It’s painful to make that decision but it’s not a close call.

We’ll continue to post monthly updates, answer questions daily in the forum, and continue to finish the process of manufacturing thousands of units. I’m so sorry we let you down.

If you’ve lost faith in us, you should cancel. I wouldn’t blame you.

We ran out of space in the office and moved them to our basement storage, but if you ping me in a few days, I will see about going down and getting a picture.

That’s a really good question, and it didn’t occur to me before. Let me talk to the team about that and get back to you.

I truly apologize for keeping you waiting. I’m going to spend today (Friday) focused on communicating with everyone here, then get back to work trying to bring that date in as soon as we can without compromising quality.

We’re fortunate to have one of the best hardware investors in the business. I shared these details with him this week, and he’s fully supportive. We have more than enough money in the bank to operate without spending a penny of the funds you’ve paid us, which are reserved until we ship your Glowforge.

I’m so sorry, @stilts. I admire your work and apologize profoundly that we will not be there this month to help you as we planned and as you paid for.

Thanks, Sam. We’re amazed by what our pre-release units can do but I know that’s little consolation to people who don’t have their Glowforge yet.

Yes, and yes, pending any regulatory hangups - we’re still working through all our international approvals.

I’m so sorry, @leftsockrightfoot. We’ve made $22 per person in interest; we’re spending that (and a great deal more) on the materials we’re sending you because of the delay.

I just checked for you - you’re good!

It was in the system in the original video. We glued the connector in early units. To be clear, the detachable portion is the head with the autofocus, camera, depth sensing laser diode, and turning mirror, not the laser itself.

We’ve designed the Glowforge hardware around parts that are either widely available or completely custom made for us. Fortunately, that’s insulated us from that problem.

As for the rest of your questions, I completely understand why you’re asking, and don’t fault you for wanting to know. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons including legal and competitive concerns, those are the only ones I can answer right now.

I understand, and I’m sorry we let you down. We will have your refund processed in ten days or less.

Please note that your account was flagged by other users due to profanity in your subsequent posts, so your account has been automatically blocked from posting further. I don’t blame you for being upset, and I apologize for coming up short in delivering your Glowforge on time.

Thanks @pomwah. It’s a hard day at Glowforge HQ (I’m here with @rita answering folks now) but we’ll get back to building your Glowforge soon.

I understand, and I wish I had better words to describe how terrible I feel for letting you down. I don’t fault you for being frustrated with us.

We feel the same way - so close we’re dearly tempted to just go for it, but know that doing so would ultimately come back to hurt the people who supported us even more than taking longer to do it right.

We’re going to work night and day to make that happen.