Schitts Creek - Moira’s Wig wall

I have been working on a series of Schitts Creek Christmas ornaments you may have caught the last two this one without question will be the weirdest and maybe funniest? Without further ado I give you Moira’s wig wall panelling and all :rofl:

“Wait! My bebe’s, my girls! Lorna: second from the left, if she takes on smoke she’ll never recover – and Cindy! I just gave her a blowout!”


The level of detail in your series of ornaments are astounding!


At risk of sounding like an informercial the glowforge makes that super easy to do.

Yeah but careful planning is the real winner

Haha, very cute! I don’t know the show but I’m enjoying it vicariously through your ornaments.

Your work is keeping that great tv series in my brain. I do hope they find a script for the movie.


It’s a great show and all six seasons are now on Netflix.

The characters aren’t fully developed in the first season but stick with it. It’s one of those rare shows that just gets better and better as it goes, continuing to pick up steam all the way through the finale.

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