I searched, but couldn’t find… what’s the difference in appearance?

I assume engrave takes longer. Is that just for fills?

Is one come out as a thicker line?

Score is basically a low-powered cut. It will be the laser following a single path, a laser-beam wide.

Raster is a back and forth motion for fills and rasters.


Engrave is always going to take longer.

Yes. The engrave will be the thickness of the line plus about a kerf. A score is basically the width of the laser beam.

The other difference is that currently at corners a score/cut leaves a little extra burn that the engrave doesn’t.

This document from The Matrix has some great descriptions:


Which means you can make it thicker if you defocus the score operation - the beam will be larger by the time it hits the material. It makes for a thicker line than if you leave it focused to the material height.


An engrave can be done on an area that is enclosed within a path, either vector or raster (use a raster to have the most engrave options available ).

A score can be done to an open path, like a straight line for example, or any path that’s not closed.

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