Scoring 3/4" Stock

I have some plain old 3/4" pine wood that I’d like to score, but the glowforge app allows a maximum of 1/2". I know I can remove the crumb board, but it seems to do a passable job if I just leave it in and set the depth to 1/2". Are there downsides to doing this beyond slightly dodgy quality? Can this harm it in some way?

I’ve done material thicker than the usual focus setting, with tray and without. Depending on the operation and design for that material. Not focusing on the surface of the material has not been an issue of harm to the Glowforge as I can recall the discussions on thicker materials. If it doesn’t get whacked by the air assist scoop, you are good to go as far as I am know.

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Yes the air assist port is much lower than that. Got my gantry wedged once when it hit something too tall.


I have done some engraving on pine. You can remove the crumb tray, and it turns out that a perfectly suitable spacer for 3/4" pine is 3/4" pine.

Some notes and calculations in this post: