Scoring an image

How do I score an image that is not a vector image?


You must convert it to vector I’m afraid.
What design software do you have available to you?


none, really. What would I need to convert to vector? (i am NOT a techie, unfortuantely.


You don’t really have to be. A popular choice is Inkscape. It’s free and very capable. It may seem very complicated at first, but that is just because it is new to you. It really isn’t difficult.
I was in the same position when I bought this machine, and it was this community that got me going.
An excellent tutorial channel for it is Logos by Nick. search his site for what you want to do, and you’ll be going in no time.

The time you spend learning the program will pay off in spades, then your only limit will be your imagination. Enjoy your adventure!


you’ve been extremely helpful. Thank you kindly


Depending on what exactly you’re trying to do, converting to vector and then scoring may not be better than just engraving it. Scoring is best for very thin lines, and doesn’t make sense for photos, for example. But if you have a picture of some line art, that is one way to do it. This is usually called “tracing”, if that helps to find the right tutorials.

It’s worth noting that every conversion between vector and bitmap loses some information. Sometimes people come up with complex processes for getting from point A to point B that involve a lot of back and forth translations. I totally get “I have a thing that works for me and I’m not in the mood to learn a new workflow”, but I also have flashbacks to being given a copy of a copy of a copy and asking for a high quality enlargement, so I always recommend that folks try to start with the best quality original and stay there if at all possible.


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