Scrabble Board & Tiles

The file is in the original post. Right click the file and save as an svg on your computer.

where do i go to download this? Im new

Scroll up…then scroll up some more…then scroll up some more…all the way to the top. Those pictures? That is the file. Just right click on the picture and select SAVE AS and save it as an svg file to your computer.

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Your instructions remind me of a time in my officer basic course. The last week of the combined arms training is a week of field exercise. The first day we had to March up into the Huachuca mountains. Left the base at zero dark 30, before breakfast. Wow. This would be in the month of March. We kept climbing and climbing and climbing. Some of the weenies in the class started complaining about when we would get to the field base. The infantry NCOs kept saying it just around the bend, it’s just around the bend. After about 3-4 hours the bend finally arrived.


Lol. I probably got it from my boot camp CO.

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I was enlisted first. Our drill sergeants didn’t say anything. Most of them were burnouts from the Vietnam war, so they would just smack us, or come up with other innovative ways to encourage us to ST?U. My older brother was in in Vietnam and gave me the best advice I have ever gotten. “Don’t volunteer for anything.”

I learned very early in boot camp that NAVY was just an acronym for Never Again Volunteer Yourself

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I figured the game needed a box, and inside the box lid, I engraved the rules of the game.

For those who are interested, here is a PDF file for the rules. It can be resized and rotated as necessary to fit on the bottom of the board or on (or in) the box.
Rules.pdf (139.3 KB)




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Thanks for re-arranging the letters. We would be interested in the file for your box as well if you’re willing?

I made my board slightly larger (8 x 12) than what Nicholas posted, so my box will be too big, but I do not mind sharing. I have 4 files - the box bottom, the box top, the inserts, and the rules; however, when I try to put the files into my note, the artwork does not come through. I posted the rules as a PDF file in a previous file, so you can use that to print on the inside of the box lid. Other than the artwork, the box top and box bottom are identical, so I have only included one file - save it as the box bottom, then add your own artwork and save the box top as a separate file. I glue the inserts into the box bottom, and the portion of the insert that sticks up above the bottom of the box is what holds the top in place.

When I cut the top, I flip the top over and put it back in the original position, then I print the rules on the underside of the box top. My files contain all of the pieces for the components, but they do not fit on the GF bed as they are. I manipulate the pieces (and need multiple sheets of plywood) in the GFUI.

Box Bottom
Box inserts


Anyone who’s followed anything I’ve done lately probably knew I’d have to try this in acrylic. All that’s left is a box for the whole thing or a bag for the letters, and to make a stand for the players’ pieces (obviously not clear acrylic though)!

I had a bunch of offsets I wasn’t using and decided to try that route. I also thought it would be interesting to personalize and then wall mount with the offsets as a decoration on a darker wall.

Thank you @nicholas.steffine for this awesome design! I did some personal tweaks and changes to it (I don’t know if it was on mine, but some of the letters on the left side name vertically were smaller than others) but love it.


Thank You

Thank you to everybody above for your service (if that applies to you) and your generosity, both in files and tech support! :smiley:Such a great community.


Thats beautiful! I wonder if theres a clear turntable available… I have a deluxe version from a while back; its not as pretty as this, but it has a turntable/lazy susan under the base so it can face each player. Just a thought. But this is great and colorful!

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I’m a sucker for stand offs and acrylic. This turned out great.

This is insane! I love it. It looks like 1/4” acrylic. Is it two 1/8” sheets?

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Super cool! Your Dad will :heart: this :smile:

Thanks! It’s 1/4 on the bottom and 1/8 on top that are held together with offsets and 1/4 pieces that slot in.

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