Scrabble Letters

Working with a few little kiddos learn their letters and they asked for a set of their own so I made them a set. I then took it a little further and went a head and made a set of standard Scrabble letters. I broke it out into each step of the design process because I couldn’t find a grid, then I couldn’t find just a set of letters, etc.

I used the PG Basswood Plywood and the stock GF settings.

Happy spelling!

Scrabble (1.6 MB)


Thanks for sharing but your file has a couple of problems:

One, scrabble tiles are square at 19mm or 13mm for travel size and two, the top row in the letters+numbers file is different from the rest, looks likethe top cut line got bumped off.

As for the size, it might be a scaling issue between versions of SVG, but mine came in at 14.077 x 14.028mm. So even if it’s scaled incorrectly, the tiles aren’t square :frowning:

Thanks for sharing your work. Here is a link to a set of letters and a good discussion of software generated sets.


Interesting you ran into that with the files because I didn’t have any of those issues. Plus, the Scrabble board I have and used as a template has a tile size of .75" which is just a hair over 19mm if I remember correctly. I remeasured a handful of my tiles with a caliper and they are all .75" and are square so I’m intrigued by the issue.

Well when I scale it up to 19mm it’s off by .284 mm , or 0.011", which is probably hard to detect even with calipers. If you’re off angle with the calipers by even a little you’ll see differences larger than that.

What software did you use to design this?