Scrabble Tiles

Just a “quick” and easy Scrabble Tile name grid. In theory, they should be wall mountable with penny nails. The back is offset from the wall with a hanger so they look like they’re floating.

Also included is a jig to make the backs go on straight, push from the back to eject.

3" square 1/4" MDF


Can you explain how the jig works?

The jig is a great idea! I’ve made gluing jigs before and they are so helpful for precision work.


Pretty simple, really. The base is 4 levels deep. First, a square base with a rectangle cut out. Second is a cutout of the hanger and the same rectangle so that the hanger can be set into the key. Then I have two layers that support the tile.

The plunger is using waste from the previous cutouts, plus one extra rectangle. You have a base for the plunger, two rectangles stacked, and the waste from the second layer glued on top of the other two rectangles.

I do a thin layer of glue on the hanger, lay it glue side up in the silhouette, put the tile on top, press firmly for about 30 seconds, then I use the plunger to push everything up. Then I stack the tiles to give themselves a little more pressure while drying.

Don’t mind my window sealing towel.


Got it!!! Thanks

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I really love these. I have to think longer about your jigs, but I think mainly because I’m fighting a headache.

Yeah, lots of words. Don’t strain yourself. The TL;DR is 4 levels on the plunger and the base. The bottom picture shows the layers pretty well.

I’m an analyst by trade so I can over-explain sometimes :wink:


Although I would still love a video, because I think this is amazing work and I love learning, I am pretty much following now. It was about an hour after I left the thread when I realized the jig was to put the backs on the tiles, not to mount the tiles onto the wall LOL. Again, I was really fighting a headache.

No worries, but a jig to mount them to the wall would be pretty sweet.

I’ll think about it.