Screw loose inside front right side of machine (photo)

I’ve had my glowforge about 2 years now, never had any issues or needed repairs.
Today I went to cut some acrylic and heart a loud rattling sound from the front right bottom part of the machine. I cut the power and looked underneath and there’s a screw hanging out of the bottom. attached photos.
I have no idea how to get in there to fix it, or where the screw came from. Has anyone seen this before? For the last few weeks I’ve noticed towards the front right side of the machine, a minor buzzing sound. I read a few other threads and it seems like it was the fan needing cleaning, but I haven’t researched how to clean a fan in the front right side of the machine, if it exists.
Thanks in advance!

The sound might just be vibration and is not causing the machine any actual problem. If it were my machine, I would tape the screw to the bottom of the machine so it doesn’t rattle or come loose, and I would carry on.


The intake fan on the right side shouldn’t need any cleaning, it’s not subjected to the smoke the exhaust fan is.
My guess would be the screw was probably dropped accidentally during assembly.

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I agree. I would use a small blob of hot-glue to prevent it from moving around. If it’s sticking out lower than the 4 feet on the corners, elevate the machine slightly.

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I was able to get the screw out!
Support said its from the coolant tank, but since the tank isn’t loose at all its likely an extra left in there on accident during assembly.
thanks for all the recommendations!


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