Search for a user on the forums?

I was just reading:

and realized there’s now a way to see who used my referral code (FWIW, 1 of my 2 referrals has cancelled). When I posted my referral link (on Tested), I promised to give half of my credit to the non-profit of choice of whoever used my code. Unfortunately, I never could get in touch with the individuals to find out their charities (so, I made a donation to the Muscular Dystrophy Association instead). Now that I have a name, I was wondering if there was any way to search this forum to see if s/he is on here, then make contact that way. I tried a simple search for the name, but that came up empty.

Any suggestions?

PS. If this is you, shoot me a msg and i’ll donate the other half to the charity of your choice :slight_smile: .


If you type their name in the search bar, the last result should be a link to their profile. If you get no results found, then they do not have a forum account created. Pretty sure that the forum account name is forced to be the same as their email used at purchase, so should match what you see on the referral page.

Thanks … I searched for the name, but got no results. C’est la vie.