Searching for simple glue-on slot stand -?

This was the closest to what I was looking for. I drew a modified triangle and made the rectangular piece open at the bottom. :+1:t3: Thank you for helping!

Yep. Spot on. This wasn’t what the OP was looking for but it was the first stand I recall seeing posted here. It lacks the swoops of some of the other versions like @eflyguy & @Janerlea 's designs but just shows that there isn’t anything really innovative in the concept.

Ok, so I just got home and drew something that will do the job. (SUPER simple for someone who knows Inkscape, but I haven’t mastered drawing shapes yet, so you don’t even want to see the actual “file” which is made up of single lines LOL). But hey! It does what I want (I just would like it a little wider, for aesthetic reasons.)

I tested it with scraps…the actual project will be a bigger (4x6) piece of wood. This way I can slide out the triangle, mail the 2 pieces flat in an envelope, & then my friend can slide the triangle in when she wants to display it. Yay!

Thank you all for helping!! I seriously love this group!!


Well now that’s just nifty! Great job!


That’s great! Serves the purpose you intended and looks nice too.

I was thinking another possible solution would be to make a thin rectangle to act like a dowel and have a place to insert it at the bottom. My only concern would be storing or losing the piece when you remove it.

Or with your current method (someone mentioned this above) add another rectangle with the same outer profile, but thinner inner profile, under the current one you made. It won’t allow it to lay as flat, but if the recipient wanted to hang it on the wall, it would create a groove for a screw or nail head to hold onto.

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