Searching for simple glue-on slot stand -?

I am looking for a very simple design (searched Free Designs to no avail) ~ it’s a rectangle or small arched shape with a slot to glue onto the back of a 4x6 piece of 1/8" baltic birch. I believe it’s a triangle piece(?) that fits into the slot to make the square stand up.

Does this make sense, and can someone help?

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Not really…?

Sure! Lots of us can. Do you have a picture of something like it, maybe help paint a better picture of what you’re up to? Is this like a photo stand sort of thing?

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Yeah. I have absolutely no idea what you are looking for here…

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Ha! Sorry I’m not making a lot of sense ~ I have a raging migraine. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Pretty sure I’ve seen this somewhere(?), but open to other ideas that might make more sense.

Here is my attempt to scratch it/scribble it out…

(I want the triangular piece to be removable so the wood sign can lay flat when not standing.)

Back view

Side view

I feel like a kindergartner here in the company of doctorate degrees. LOL And with this migraine I just may be hallucinating that this design would even work(?)

Thanks for baring with me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The tough part about your design is that there’s not a lot to hold the triangle in there. You’d probably need at least 2 layers on the glued base, and a little “hook” on the triangle piece so it could lock into place.

Would an easel-type stand work for you? Might be simpler to pull off, and lots to choose from:

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Does this help? Cut from PG medium draftboard or maple ply.

display stand

Pretty sure I posted it in free designs as it’s been stolen and being sold in the catalog, but I can’t find the original post right now.

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Voila, easel-type stand! It’s like magic.

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Here is a back piece I made in the past. It allows the triangle piece to rotate (almost) flat or stick out at 90°. I created it in Inkscape. You may be able to modify this for your use?
Edit: I was using .120" material.
Picture frame stand up backing


@eflyguy and @evansd2 An easel won’t work for this project because I need something invisible from the front, & as minimal/flat as possible (so that it could lay flat and be mailed in an envelope). But thank you! I appreciate the help.

I swear I’ve seen this…when my migraine’s over I’ll try to design/make it.

This is very close to what I’m thinking of. Thanks! Do you happen to have a photo of what it looks like in use/assembled? It may be a little more complicated than what I need, but this is a great design! :+1:t3:

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The first time I saw the pattern was here:

It was one of the few/first free designs I cut. Not saying you didn’t post one, but the catalog design more matches this one.


I really don’t care enough to be worried about it, but it’s why I’ll never post designs “for sale”. The last modified date of the file on my laptop is Dec 2017, which is right around the time I got my GF…

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This is the closest photo I can find of what I need…but I want to add a rectangular piece with a slot to glue on the back, so that the triangular piece can slide in and out (to make it removable).


It’s not that unique a concept. The first one I saw here was posted by a girl who was in school for design/architecture at a college I believe was on the east coast. She pops back on once in a long while but her name escapes me now. It’ll likely come to me in the middle of the night though. The description might be enough for @rpegg though because his memory is more real-time than mine :slightly_smiling_face:


Working off @beerfaced it sounds like at the most basic you’re looking for this:

Picture frame stand up backing_V2

This has no locking mechanism, but it wouldn’t be too hard to make one with some slots and a cross beam.


Don’t think it’s what they were looking for but do you mean Steph - Architect UVA? Picture Stand

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This is what I was thinking.

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Sorry I don’t have a photo as I sent it off as a gift for someone.

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Would attaching your triangular support to the back with a hinge instead of making it removable from a slot work for your application? Fold out to stand up. Fold in to be flat.

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Would a premade stick on cardboard easel back work?

Lineco Self-Stick Easel Back, 9 inches, Black, Package of 25 (328-3331)