SEATTLE! We've got your SMMF tickets covered - respond by noon PST 9/14!

Seattle Mini Maker Faire is THIS WEEKEND! It’s one of our favorites because it’s our hometown event so we get to see lots of local or local-ish friends and family and (best of all) Glowforge owners. :slight_smile:

This year we’re bringing our new booth setup (debuted at Bay Area Maker Faire in May), so we’ll have FOUR Glowforges forging away all weekend.

And in typical Glowforge fashion … we want to see you there! I got my hands on a bunch of tickets exclusively for Glowforge owners for Saturday, September 16th. The event is from 10 am - 5 pm at MoPop (formerly EMP) at the Seattle Center.

And…@dan and @shell will be doing a live Glowforge presentation from 1:00pm – 1:30pm in JBL Theater (MoPOP Level 1, past Main Ticketing).

Will we get to see you there? Fill out this form by noon on Thursday, and I’ll be in touch with your tickets!


I’ll send $20 of Proofgrade materials to anyone who asks Dan in the public Q&A portion of that presentation to define the word “shipping.” As in “We’re currently shipping US Basic orders placed on Day 9.” :roll_eyes:

$25 if you’re able to keep a straight face while listening to the answer.


Very nice of Glowforge to continue to hand out free tickets to their customers for the shows @bailey.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


How nice for the locals!
Someday I want to meet the people who have made this machine what it is.


Thanks, @bailey! One of these times I’ll be able to coordinate a trip to see my family with the SMMF. Would like to thank you and the team in person for creating such an amazing product.


Would really love to be there but I won’t be back from Italy by the weekend…

I’ll stand in for you in Italy so you can be in Seattle… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A very nice offer, but my wife and I will pass this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


shucks, and I’ve never been to Italy. But then, my wife probably wouldn’t like me going without her :blush: Edit: Besides, waiting on that shipping email, I don’t think an all expense paid trip to the moon could pull me away right now!..well, maybe the moon, but just maybe.


Cool! Thanks :slight_smile:

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This also shows which of us leave in the area! :slight_smile:

It means we’re sending mail to those customers saying “Please send us your address so we can ship you your Glowforge.” (There’s a lot more in the email, but that’s the important part).


@dan I hate to call you out on this, but shipping isn’t collecting addresses, its putting units on trucks.

By your definition, you have been “Shipping” for 2+ years now since you have been collecting mailing addresses. The way you guys phrase things feels very very misleading.

I know that you guys are pushing units out, but a clarification of where you ACTUALLY are in the “out the door units” would be appreciated. Have you shipped pro units? What “day” are you on for basic?

I am going to make this its own topic as I just looked on the handy dandy google sheet and deliveries for basic units are on Day 2 and pro units are on day 1, unless you got an early unit due to maker faire/pre release.

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I would have loved to be able to go, and I will even be in the Seattle area that day. However, my schedule is already spoken for :(.

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In two years the only time the company asked for my address was when they shipped the PRU to me. Yes, they now have my address, but neither they nor I construe that to mean they have shipped my forever unit.

When next they contact me and I confirm the address I want the machine delivered to, that triggers a series of events that results in my glowforge getting put on a truck and delivered to me. That’s a threshold I have been waiting two years for. If the company wants to define entering that sequence as ‘shipping’, I see that as their prerogative, and I’m good with that. Arguing semantics does nothing for me.

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Yes but you are one of the lucky ones that has had a Glowforge for considerable time. I am not surprised people that already have Glowforges don’t care as much about when the rest of us will get one.


I understand, but I do care when others get delivered. Seeing others revel in their delivery is some of the most fun I have had in this forum.
Yes, I am fortunate but not so far removed from your position that I don’t remember what it felt like on that side of the fence! So granted, having one at my disposal definitely tempers my perspective. In that sense I’m spoiled.
I can hardly imagine what it would feel like as an international customer… Ugh.