Second glowforge repair and sent back broken

Shipped off my glowforge a few weeks ago. It arrived today. Went through the setup process, tried to test it, and I got a “lid open” error. I think I technically spent around $800 to have them clean it and send it back still broken.

First glowforge I sent back was “fixed” and returned. When turned on it would start to operate/calibrate, then shut off after 5 seconds, a loud pop would be audible, and then reboot and finish the calibration. After all that it was fine. Found a forum with another user who had the same problem. Glowforge had them send it back for repairs. Meaning they sent me a unit that was still defective. It was a defect that if tested would have been noticable by just starting the unit.

This time the printer head randomly stopped calibrating when booted up. After sending it in it still has the same problem. It’s not like it worked for a day or a week. It never worked at all. Though the glowforge button did light up. Now it’s stopped doing that. Once again a problem that would have been noticable, if when testing, they would have simply started the machine.

My level of disappointment is pretty high.

I’m so sorry about the experience you’ve had so far, but I appreciate you providing such great information. I see that you’ve emailed us directly, and I’ve followed up with some additional steps to get you back up and printing. I’ll now close this thread.