Secondhand GF Pro camera won't calibrate

Hello community,

I bought a second GF Pro secondhand, but when I try to do the camera recalibration it keeps telling me the machine is offline. This is not true, as I have been able to cut and engrave on the new machine just fine with the app. The old owner emailed support to get it changed over to my name, but we’re still waiting for that transfer. Could this be why I can’t calibrate? Has anybody else experienced this?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. The option to turn off the exhaust fan “Glowforge air filter attached” is greyed out as well. I have an external fan connected to it that I prefer to use instead of the loud internal fan. Are there settings that only the owner can change, not general users? It would make sense why I can’t do any of these special settings and tools.

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Yes, there are settings only the owner can change, including that “Glowforge air filter attached” one. You should have access once ownership is transferred to your account.


You may need the original owner to log in and remove the glowforge from their account. Just speculation since I haven’t been in that specific situation but have dealt with other software that was like that. Good luck!

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Oh no, I’m sorry for the trouble.

I’ve made a small adjustment to the configuration of your machine, could you try again and let me know how it goes?

Warm regards,

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