Secret Santa reveal day

Today was reveal day for Secret Santa at work, and it was dealer’s choice. Since my recipient loves her tea, I decided to make her a tea box. I had tried birch ply, first, but it wasn’t flat enough for the joints, so I had to fall back on the only proofgrade I had enough of, draftboard. I decided it needed dividers and a window, too, so here we go.



Showing the window framing:

The gift tag:


Ohh now this is a project I can get behind!!! I"ve got a TON of tea that is begging to be organized. Thanks for the idea, and fantastic work! :smiley:

Remind me later, and I will share the files. (Has to be after work.)


Awesome! You can take your time though since I wont be getting my 'forge till the air filters are ready.

It is slotted with 12 sections. Each should hold more than half a standard box of tea.

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That would be Awsome! I had never heard of one, but my Daughter had just asked me to make her one!
Turned out great! The window makes it Jason. :sunglasses:


Window is just PG clear acrylic. Fits perfectly the cut in the lid that way.


I have everything needed for it! Thank you on behalf of my Daughter, and from me - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever Fits your world, my friend.

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I can’t see anything about a tea box or tea in a restaurant without thinking of this. “Fetch the tea box!” has become a catchphrase of ours.

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Cut and glue Tea_Box_Bottom. (Engrave the bottom before gluing, if you want.)
Cut Tea_Box_Top.
If you wish have the window in the top, the steps are:

  1. Place the box top in :glowforge:
  2. Open Box top window and frame.SVG. You can edit it to add custom engrave elements
  3. Ignore black for processing. Use black to align to the box top. The window and frame center inside the black.
  4. Cut Cyan, and score (draft is fine, it helps align the frame) yellow into box top. Engrave your other customization (I used Magenta for engrave when I did it for ease).
  5. Take the top out, add clear acrylic. Cut Cyan. Can move, but don’t resize. This gave me a perfect window.
  6. From another board, cut yellow twice for upper and lower frame.
  7. Use the score lines to align and glue the upper frame to the top.
  8. Insert the acrylic. Dots of CA in the corners can really help holding it.
  9. Use the position of the upper frame to align and glue the lower frame (inside the lid)
  10. Glue up the rest of the top.

The tray insert gives you 12 partitions in the box. Cut TrayInsert.svg. It isn’t quite as snug a fit than I had planned, so you may want to glue the assembled insert in the bottom of the box.

When done, you have your own amazing version of this tea box.


That’s wonderful, thank you! Could I ask you to also post this in Free Laser Designs? I’m afraid folks won’t find it easily otherwise.

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Great idea. Done.

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Excellent job.

Thank you! This is a great project! Well done!

Oh, like the tea box! :grinning:

It has the added benefit of being able to use proofgrade interchangeably Thought of making one with cherry or walnut ply. We will see.

Bet the cherry will be stunning. :grinning: