Secure your supplies!

Make sure you secure your laserable supplies on the way home.. (Don't think that's :proofgrade:):open_mouth:


(on a serious note : I hope there was no passenger in that car… doesn’t look like it…)


For sure –> secure those loads.

This sort of stuff happens fast. If they are alive it is because they were paying attention and ducked.
Had a van next to us eat an entire tire section from a semi that went airborne and centered on their windscreen.

They careened off the road and managed to stop. We pulled over to assist and even though that took time, both of them were still in their seats staring forward with wild eyes. A huge tire jammed dead center between them.

Hope these folks were as lucky.


Yikes! :hushed:

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That is really scary.

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I’ve never been so scared as the day that happened to me. Thankfully it bounced OVER me, but I’ll tell ya what I had to go home and do!


This week on the highway I saw a smoking semi tire… moved over and ahead for sure.
He was signalling to get off the next exit; but I didn’t want to be behind him at all.

Bungees save lives.


After watching Final Destination, I’m paranoid driving behind a truck with a load of pipes.


I was a passenger when our own truck caught fire and burned to the ground taking my computers with it. Traffic just kept going by even though the flames and smoke were visible for miles. Nobody stopped till after there was nothing left. Come to find out that it was a known problem with Dodge Trucks but used vehicle owners did not learn of it.

Almost everyone who drives gets cut off at one time or another, but that way is crazy.


Back when I lived in Chicago area we were on the interstate and saw a dually tire set bouncing down the road at about 60MPH. Luckily it jumped over the median just ahead of us and made it safely across the oncoming traffic side but that would have done a TON of damage.

WA passed a law requiring loads to be secured after a few too many horrific & fatal accidents like this… So it’s helped minimize them, and also OK to call state patrol when one sees an unsecured or uncovered load (e.g. gravel, yard waste) on the road.

This happened right near my house. The traffic going north looked terrible that day.

Another of those “only in Florida” things. I don’t believe anybody was hurt.

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Man, he was lucky, it was the A pillar that stopped it.

People don’t realize the kinetic energy in a moving load. I have read that it doubles for every 10MPH over 60.
Saw a rig carrying drill pipe that had hit a run-away truck ramp and the load went right through the cab even though it was securely boomed down.


CT has one that extends to snow & ice on top of vehicle roofs. People wouldn’t clear their roofs and after a warmish sunny day the top layer was ice that held it down until either it blew off into the traffic following or slides off on to your own hood/windshield when braking suddenly.

The really frightful ones are 30 or 40 foot long ice sheets launching off the roof of an 18 wheeler down onto the car following. Truckers from out of state are surprised at the weigh station when they get tagged for that and have to climb up to rake it off.


Don’t know if a rake is up to the task…


Still might be a better tool for the job than this “wheelbarrow”


You can’t make that stuff up :blush:

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You have got to be kidding! :joy:

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Job security.

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It would not surprise me if they did just that. Do you see any sign that it is near a Walmart? Maybe everything it looks like perhaps not so much. I would love to know the whole story.

Yeah I thought about that but figured someone making it up would be claiming it was a Walmart shopper. That’s a huge Internet meme.