Security Police Badge


We’re heading to Texas this week to join family (including my “little” brother @timjedwards) in celebrating our parents’ 60th anniversary. Last time I was home, I found an image tucked into in one of our dad’s books of the badge he wore for 20 years as a USAF security police officer, and thought it would be fun to recreate with my GF. With a little creative/design help from Tim, this is what I finally came up with (it’s about 8" tall):

MEO Badge
Any finishing suggestions

I guess I should have taken some side shots before I packed it – it’s layered, not inlayed. Materials (all PG) include maple, cherry, and basswood ply, and walnut hardwood.


That turned out fantastic. The different woods really work well with each other. :grinning:


That looks amazing.


I wonder what the logo of the Insecurity Police looks like :thinking:


That’s incredible! I predict sniffles passing as allergies. :wink:


Wow! 60 years!
Very meaningful gift, turned out great!


Heh. Our dad is a 6’6" retired cop whose Native American roots show through pretty strongly. I’m not entirely sure he’s ever cried in his LIFE! :wink:


I’ve never seen it happen…


Ohhhhhhh, that is just amazing, even for you who we’ve come to expect amazing things from!


Fantastic! What a fabulous tribute to his service and nice to be able to celebrate 60 years!


I’m sure he will love it!


Any chance you are headed to San Antonio? My dad is a retired Air Police/Security Police. Back in the day they were called Air Police. I am working on one of each for him but not doing it by layering. Using it to learn the GF and re learn Illustrator. We are down in SA. Great job on the whole thing. I can really appreciate what it took to do it.


We fly in to Austin, but then head east. The home place is over toward Bryan / College Station, out in the “boonies.” Deanville is the closest town. Well, I guess depending on how you define “town.” It has a post office and a VFW hall…Frenstat is closer, but it pretty much consists of a church and a couple of houses. Birch is the closest, according to Google maps (last I checked), but I haven’t ever really figured out where it’s phisically supposed to be located. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, I remember that. During the period when they were renaming everything with the name “aerospace” (as in “aerospace medicine,” which I admit sounded ‘way cooler than “base hospital”), Dad says he lobbied unsuccessfully for the cops to be renamed “aerospace patrol.” :smile:


I see you’ve been gone a while. At least 5 houses now (of which 3 are chicken houses but hey, who’s counting?).


No one is counting the chickens. Well, not until they’ve hatched at any rate.


Y’all think I’m joking.


I didn’t think you were kidding. Looks like all the neighbor’s farms. Only difference being up here in the mountains the chickens have big leg muscles and the eggs roll downhill.


I didn’t. The smallest population sign I’ve seen is 3. There was the sign and a lone house with a barn off a country road in North Dakota. I didn’t see any chickens. Eastern North Dakota, aka the populated side of the state. Which is downright crawling with people compared to southern Saskatchewan. Plenty of “towns” with single digit population signs on the prairie.