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We purchased a basic for our school. Unfortunately, we are not able to use it until it passes security at the schoolboard. Need To know a few things.
1- is the glass cover a laser resistant surface? Does it block the laser light? If not…what type of security goggles should be used?
2- does the machine stop if the cover is opened?
3- does the green button on top shut off the machine if pressed while cutting?
4- can the machine be started by a student without the password?
5- what type of fire extinguisher should be used if necessary?
Thank you for responding quickly…i can’t stand the wait! It’s been collecting dust for 3 months now.
I have recieved what seems To be an automated email from glowforge that answer NONE OF MY QUESTIONS… how can i convince the security team that it is safe To use??

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  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. It pauses the current job. It does not turn the power off to the machine.
  4. You have to be logged into the glowforge dashboard to use it.
  5. Halotron is one of the most popular.

Thanks!!! Meeting the security team tomorrow … you just gave me good arguments!

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FYI, this is because it will extinguish flame while, generally, not destroying electronics.


Your security team will also appreciate the details in the safety section of the manual at

Best of luck – let us know if you have more questions!