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if the wait is too much you could always try to be extra cool like @jkopel get one sooner: Glowforge Volunteer Corps


I am mildly surprised that I may have ordered my GF basic on first day (Sept 24th). Took me a half day of deliberation with financial concerns. Ordered around 7 pm when pre-orders where about $500k (if I recall).

I figured the basic is good enough to determine useablity before committing to a full use machine purchase. I have no referral credits though. Pro model is still sometimes a thought.

I am very much excited about receiving my unit. Thanks for making this product with its creative features and affordable pricing!



I went to upgrade… I was disappointed when the upgrade is now substantially more. I like everyone have waited over a year. I would hope glowforge would address this for the people that want to upgrade that purchased and PAID during the kickstarter campaign. I look forward to receiving my unit and have a stack of items ready to etch.

I am looking forward to using this unit. Hopefully a pro.

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@dan gave several messages indicating that the prices were going up at the end of October I believe. When this same request was made at that time, he let us know that the discounted price would not be continued, even for those of us who were in the pre-order month.


Where did the messages go. I never received anything. My purchase does not even show up in Kickstarter. I have the receipt from glowforge, but that is it. The communication to me since backing has been nonexistant.


not in an email, but here on the forums.


The pre-sale/crowdfunding campaign wasn’t on Kickstarter. It was direct through and all email communications I’ve received have been from email accounts. You may want to make sure that your email client is set to always accept email from and never to send them to spam/trash.


I must say, although it was plainly stated, I do think that those who pre-ordered should be grandfathered into their respective pre-order pricing for upgrades.

I’m not planning on upgrading, myself, but I do think it’s the proper thing to do in this situation. You snooze, you lose, sure. But we few that didn’t snooze, should win. The happier owners are, the more sales will be generated. It’s really a win/win scenario.


The profile for @je.young shows that he just joined the forum today.


Welcome to the forum!

Really goes both ways, doesn’t sound like you communicated with them either. Unfortunate circumstance.

I notice you just joined the forum, too bad - we would have liked to get to know you across this past year!
@dan has made himself available here from square one, and there was always for any questions.
Glowforge went to the expense to provide this forum for the owners, and it’s been a great source of information and inspiration.
Hope you stick around!


Hi - Just wanted to say I replied to your email to support a moment ago!


I received a communication from Glowforge that shipping would be delayed nearly 9 months. I just found out about the earlier shipping today because I emailed yesterday for an update. That is how I found out about the forum where apparently all communication happens. If they sent me something telling me that this is where I will receive all communication, I apologize. But I do not think that is the case. Just sad because I am not sure the one I have on order will do what I need. And can not afford the NEW UPGRADE PRICE. I am very disappointed. We have all been patient and am a little disappointed.


We understand. I wonder how many of us here wouldn’t have thrown our money if we had known it would be a year. We have all had our hopes and expectations smacked down - and Glowforge is not excluded from that group. It’s been a bumpy ride for all concerned :wink:

That’s pretty much why we are all here, we kind of coalesced into a mutual support group - and were astounded (at least I was) to find a very wide spectrum of interests and abilities. Professionals in medicine, physics, engineering and art - Not to mention people who already own professional lasers.

You should really do some reading around here. It is a privilege to you as an owner, and I guarantee it’s worth.


They did say that in the same email you received about the shipping delay. Here’s the quote:

“If this seems like a long update, well - it is. We heard you loud and clear that we were sending too much email. So as of our last email, we moved regular updates to and save only big updates for email. Like this one.”


So I bought a Pro Unit, why do I not see any orders when I follow the instructions at top?

Did you log into or here in the forum? If you don’t see an order on the main site after logging in then contact

You might not get an answer here.

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I ordered a Pro after a long wait on Oct 23, 2015 at 10:41 am



Ordered pro model + air filter Oct 28, 2015 11:20 AM and $4,970.00 is a lot of money but im sure it will be worth every penny when it comes time
we also bought a CNC router (smartshop1) and not too far from you in Tulsa ok
i must ask what types of projects do you have planed for the router ?
i think that the GF paired with a CNC router will make a great combo !
best of luck to you !!


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